Van Oord


Damen Shipyards also chose Hydro Armor Sales Hydraulically driven Navigators, for a project for Van Oord, working in very shallow and dangerous waters.

Dredging and marine contractor Van Oord has a substantial fleet operating in the Caspian Sea region. This new MMuC 2210, called Telesto, will be mobilised in a dredge support role to the Mangystau. The vessel’s modular design – a characteristic that it shares with the CSD 650 Mangystau – means that transportation to its destination is a relatively straightforward affair. “The Telesto and all its components are completely containerised,” informs Damen Design and Proposal Engineer Freek Haagmans. ”We can load the whole lot onto trucks and drive it to Kazakhstan in about 12 days. The sea route, on the other hand, would take about 6 weeks for such a vessel.”

We specially thank Mr. Marcel Karsijns and Mr. Freek Haagmans, for this much appreciated order.

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